Why Natural Matriarchs

My mom always tells me that mothers and daughters are steps in a long staircase. Each one leading to the next, moving a family along in an infinite progression of knowledge shared through stories… and DNA.  A tenet of elementary school biology is that most of us get our mitochondrial DNA from our mothers and so from conception - our innate energy, our connection to our ancestors, the core of our being, comes from our mother, from the first matriarch of our lives.

Natural Matriarch is a small dream that grew at my dining room table. Graise and I wanted to start making money to support our vision of girls, women and people of color working productively for conservation, because for conservation to work, we all need to be part of the effort, we all need access to the knowledge, the network, the experience and the resources. Natural Matriarch is a celebration of the females of the natural world, females that take the lead to protect and nourish their community. These Matriarchs do not back down, do not give up, and do not apologize for doing what is necessary, what is right, what is hard and what is important for their pack. The Matriarch takes on many roles, from fierce warrior to vulnerable care giver,
all while mentoring the next Matriarchs because their kind depends on ancestral knowledge being passed from generation to generation. Natural Matriarch is our invitation to celebrate these females and all the other amazing mothers, sisters, daughters, partners and teachers that have guided you through your journey. By supporting Natural Matriarch, you are not only acknowledging the power of the mothers of nature, but you are also supporting girls and women in their journey towards becoming voices for conservation.