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Natural Matriarch offers social impact organizations a way to raise funds by selling products without having to set up, maintain and manage a store front.

 If you buy a product from Our Collection:

- 95% of the profit goes to support Women with Resolve

- 5% goes to NM for site maintenance


If you buy a product from a Partner Collection:

- 95% of profits from shirts purchased on the partner’s collection page go to that specific partner

- 5% goes to NM for site maintenance


If you are buying to raise money for a specific organization:

You MUST use your CODE when prompted to track purchases that are intended to go to your organization

If the partner code is used on other non-partner Natural Matriarch collections, you will receive 20% of the profits from that sale

Codes only work in general Natural Matriarch collections, and will not work on other partner organization collections. 

Interested in partnering with us??

You can provide a design/logo OR NM can help create a design, facilitate a design contest or work with an existing logo or design at additional cost

NM logo will be printed on the back or sleeve of shirts

Design cannot include any images or messaging that is: offensive, racist or inappropriate as defined by Natural Matriarch.

You will receive their own collection page with URL located as a page in Natural MatriarchAll designs on partner collection pages will be approved by the partner and NMt.