bat_womens tultex v neck
bat_womens tultex v neck

GEO BAT - v-neck tee

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Bats are great moms. Pregnant and lactating female bats create smaller colonies to roost because they are safer than large colonies. They will come back to the same spot to birth and nurse their young. It's like a yearly reunion for the ladies, but without drinking because they are all pregnant and lactating...

But bats reproduce slowly, with females of most species giving birth to only one pup per year, so recovery from serious losses is painfully slow and tenuous at best. It is often difficult to spot significant declines in such species until their situation is dire.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) currently lists 24 bat species as Critically Endangered, meaning they face an imminent risk of extinction. Fifty-three others are Endangered, and 104 bat species are considered Vulnerable. Bats also are among the most under-studied of mammals. The IUCN lists 226 bat species as “Data Deficient”– there is simply too little information available to determine their conservation status. Of the 1,296 bat species that have been assessed by the IUCN almost a third are considered either threatened (vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered) or data deficient, indicating the need for more conservation attention to these species. The IUCN continually updates information on species assessments and numbers may vary slightly as new assessments are completed.

Let's not forget - extinction is forever.